Conference Schedule

International Musicological Conference
“Modernisation in the Music of Eastern Europe (1900–1940): The Perspective
of Paratactic Comparativism”

2014 October 16–18
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2nd Building, Tilto 16, Vilnius, Lithuania

Programme and Timetables

2014 October 16, Thursday

9.00Registration (Foyer on the 1st floor)
9.30 Conference Opening (The Chamber Hall) Concert: Arnold Schönberg. “6 Kleine Klavierstücke“, opus 19 (1911). At the piano: Daumantas Kirilauskas (Lithuania)

Coordinator Małgorzata Janicka - Słysz

10.00–11.00Keynote Lecture (The Chamber Hall) Julian Johnson. Rethinking Musical Space
11.00–11.15Coffee Break
11.15–13.15Session Histories of Modernisation (The Chamber Hall)
11.15–11.45 Katarzyna Bartos. Modernity in Polish Music
11.45–12.15Olga Kushniruk. Impressionism in the Ukrainian Music
12.15–12.45Leon Stefanija. A Multifarious Universal: the Idea(l)s of the Slovenian Musical Modernism 1900-1945
12.45–13.15Vita Gruodytė. Nadia Boulanger: from the Center to the Periphery and from the Periphery to the Centre

Coordinator Kerri Kotta

15.00–16.00Keynote Lecture (The Chamber Hall) Jānis Kudiņš. The First Modernism Aesthetics and Style Examples in Latvian Composers Music of the Twenties and the Thirties. Jānis Kalniņš, Opera “Hamlet”
16.00–16.15 Coffee Break
16.15–17.45Session Modernizing Faces (The Chamber Hall)
16.15–16.45Gražina Daunoravičienė. Manifests of the Modernist Ideas in Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis’ (1975 – 1911) Piano Work: a Historical Evidence of “Cultural Collage” in the Global Modernisms
16.45–17.15Yelena (Olena) Dyachkova. The Features of Modernism in the Poetics of the Vocal Cycle "Lunar Shadows" by Boris Lyatoshynsky
17.15–17.45Jūlija Jonāne. View on the Vocal Compositions by Jānis Zālītis as a Phenomenon of the New Demands of Expressionism in Latvia
19.00Concert (Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum, A. Goštauto 1) Antanas Kučinskas and Jonas Jurkūnas. “A Complette Collection of Schoenberg’s Tone Rows”


Choir “Brevis” (conductor Gintautas Venislovas)
Antanas Kučinskas, Jonas Jurkūnas (Electrical Organs, Electronics)
A la fourchette (Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum, A. Goštauto 1)

2014 October 17, Friday

Coordinator Julian Johnson

9.00–10.00Keynote Lecture (The Chamber Hall) Levon Hakobian. The “Modernist” Trend in Soviet Russian Music between the Wars: an Isolated Episode or a Part of the Big Current?
10.00–10.15Coffee Break
10.15–12.15Session Musical Inventions (The Chamber Hall)
10.15–10.45Ron Atar. Béla Bartók's Unknown Attempt
10.45–11.15Aare Tool. Aspects of Octatonicism in the Music of Eduard Oja
11.15–11.45Margarita Katunyan. Russian Musical Modernism: Concepts and Structures
11.45–12.15Nadezhda Petruseva. About Two Tendencies of Modernisation of a Rhythm: Eastern Europe (Stravinsky, Shostakovich) and Others (Cage, Boulez)

Coordinator Jānis Kudiņš

14.00–15.00Keynote Lecture (The Chamber Hall) Mart Humal. On Modernism in Estonian Music (1900 – 1940)
15.00–15.15Coffee Break
15.15–17.15Session Ideas and Creators (The Chamber Hall)
15.15–15.45Kerri Kotta. Eduard Tubin Symphony No 2 “The Legendary” as a Two-Dimensional Cycle
15.45–16.15Charis Efthimiou. On the Instrumentation of Bass and Melody Line in Leoš Janáček’s Chamber Music (1923-1928); Similarities and Differences with Other Chamber Works of Eastern and Western Europe
16.15–16.45Diana Zandberga. Some Aspects of Innovative 20th Century Compositional Techniques in Texture of Latvian Piano Music
16.45–17.15Igor Vorobjov. Features of Utopia and Anti-Utopia in the Music of Alexander Mosolov of the 1920s and the 1930s
19.00–20.30Lecture – Concert (The Chamber Hall) Irena Friedland Paper. Leoš Janáček as an Indigenous Modernist or Contemplation of the Hidden Colourfulness in a Piano Cycle "In the Mists" Concert. East European Modernism in Miniatures


Leoš Janáček. “In the Mists“(1912)
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.
Two Nocturnes, VL.178 (1900); Vl.183 (1901)
Three Druskininkai Preludes (1901)
Prelude VL186
Prelude VL189
Prelude VL197
Remembrance VL 299(1906)
Prelude VL 338 (1909)
Boris Liatoshynsky. Reflections, op. 16 (1925)
II. Velutato assai
III. Tempestoso
Arthur Vincent Lourié. 5 Preludes fragiles, op. 1 (1908-10)
Bohuslav Martinů. Mationetten, Puppets (1914-1924)
Columbine Dance
The Puppet's Dance

At the Piano - Irena Friedland (Israel)

2014 October 18, Saturday

Coordinator Levon Hakobian

9.00–10.00Keynote Lecture (The Chamber Hall) Małgorzata Janicka – Słysz. Karol Szymanowski and his “Modernistic Romanticism”
10.00–10.15Coffee Break
10.15–12.15Session Dimensions of the Modernization (The Chamber Hall)
10.15–10.45Luba Kyjanovska. Die musikalische Moderne in regionaler Dimension: galizische Sezession in den ersten Jahrzehnten des 20. Jahrhunderts
10.45–11.15Lidia Ader. Parallel History of Russian Musical Modernism
11.15–11.45Rūta Stanevičiūtė. Exterritorial Modernism: Jeronimas Kačinskas’ Microtonal Music and Alois Hába School
11.45–12.15Yumiko Nunokawa. M. K. Čiurlionis and Japonisme: Synthesis of the Arts in Fin-de-Siècle Europe

Coordinator Rūta Stanevičiūtė

14.00–15.30Lecture – Concert (The Chamber Hall) Ekin Çorakli. Two Composers from the Modernization Period in Turkish Music: Ulvi Cemal Erkin and Ahmet Adnan Saygun


Ulvi Cemal Erkin. “Five Drops” (1931)
Ulvi Cemal Erkin. “Impressions” (1937)
The Game I
The Little Shepherd
The Brook
The Oxcart
The Game II
The Joke
The Game III
Weep Not, My Love
Zeybek Tune
Ahmet Adnan Saygun. “Inci’s Book” (1934)
Inci (calme)
Playful Kitten (giocoso)
Tale (misterioso)
The Giant Puppet (animato)
A Joke (animato)
Lullaby (tranquillo)
Dream (calme)
Ahmet Adnan Saygun. “From Anatolia” (1945)

At the Piano – Ekin Çorakli (Turkey)

15.30–15.45Coffee Break
15.45–17. 45Session Events and Reflections (The Chamber Hall)
15.45–16.15Lidiya Melnyk. Zerspaltene Objektivität: Zur Entwicklung der Sprache der Moderne in der Musikkritik nach 1900 (Am Beispiel der Betrachtungen des „Jungen Polen“ in der polnischen und deutschen Presse – eine Konsonanzforschung)
16.15–16.45Anna Fortunova. Surrealismus im Schaffen Dmitri Schostakowitschs? Modernisierung der Ballettgattung am Beispiel von Der Bolzen (1931)
16.45–17.15Jonas Bruveris. Modernity in Music Culture of Independent Lithuania: Reception and Yearning
17.15–17.45Jacques Amblard. The Year 1936 as a Paratactic Superimposition of Various “Totalitarian Successes”
17.45Final discussion. Closing (The Chamber Hall)
18.30Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Balley “Barbora Radvilaitė” (Vienuolio 1)